The Chinese woman is different - Is she?

She may be a little feisty sometimes - She may be surprised when you say 'Thank you' - She may be subservient - She may appear uncomplicated - She may be adventurous - She may have been 'hurt' by a man - She may have a limited carnal knowledge
She most likely has been married before
She probably has children - She probably does not smoke - She probably does not drink alcohol - She probably has little life experience
She is probably 'closed' minded, a little secretive sometimes - She is probably petite - She is probably beautiful - She is probably feminine - She is probably naïve
She is generally hardworking
She is most likely happy to be with an older man
She is one of many millions in Asia looking for a husband
She wants a life partner - She wants to help - She wants to help you
She has an opinion
She generally marries for life
Her children are important
Her husband is important
Her family is everything
She enjoys physical contact
She likes to look good - She likes to please - She likes to be in the company of her husband - She likes to be with her family - She likes to manage her home and family
She loves to laugh - She loves fun
She needs reliability - She needs a home - She needs a purpose - She needs marriage
She needs a loving marriage - She needs security - She needs stability - She needs appreciation - She needs a family - She needs to give respect - She needs to gain respect from others - She needs 'self worth' - She needs love - She needs to give love
She needs to feel wanted - She needs to feel worthy
She will not tolerate abuse
She will put others before herself
She has her own very important priority order
Husband, Children, Parents, Siblings, home, self (order may vary)

Is she any different from any other loving wife?
Most certainly, in two respects - She is happy to be with an older man - She is one of many millions in Asia looking for a husband.
Will she do anything to succeed in her quest?…possibly !