Cost of Living in Nanning Guangxi China

Latest update on living costs in Nanning June 2012

The perennial question of living costs here in Nanning Guangxi China keeps cropping up.
Each time I try to answer I find myself either writing an essay or feel the need to ask the questioner, just what 'living' are you expecting to do.

So, to put this 'baby' to bed again here is my 'suggested' cost of monthly living costs in Nanning Guangxi China guide based on my own experiences.

Cost approx June 2012

Rent: Apartment short term rental - Clean One bedroom 55 sq mtr 70/90 RMB per day - Long term 950 RMB per month. Clean Single room 44 sq mtr with bedsit area small kitchen and bathroom 70 RMB per day - Long term 850 RMB per month.
Larger 2/3/4 bedroomed apartments of over 120 sq mtrs fitted out to a reasonably high standard, fitted modern kitchen, western toilet etc, anything from 1500 RMB to over 3000 RMB depending on size and location.
Tip - Haggle Haggle Haggle.
Take your time looking, there are bargains to be had.
Long term options normally require at least 6 month minimum. Agents fee's also required.

Good Hotel 300 RMB per night (negotiable)

Electric: 150/200 RMB average includes 3 air conditioners, All the usual electrical appliances inc washing machine and oven. Electric water heater supplying Bathroom and Kitchen - 3 people using - This last winter the cost was 500 RMB per month - electric heaters on most days.

Bottled Gas: 40 RMB. Used for cooking only. Bottle costs about 120 RMB a bottle now and lasts us 3 months.

Tap Water: 40 RMB 3 people having at least 2 showers a day each. Not used for drinking. For cold drinking water we use bottled which costs us about 25 RMB per month included in the Food budget.

Telephone/Internet: 85 RMB - Combined anytime Internet and includes 49RMB of free phone calls.

TV: 30 RMB Cable box but can be less if using a Dish or more depending which channels you want.

Mobile cell phone: 50 RMB - 100 RMB should allow for extensive use.

Apartment Building Service Charge: If you own apartment. This includes everything, rubbish, building cleaning, building lighting etc. 110 RMB.

This applies to managed areas, if area not managed then it is free of all charges.

Electric bike parking fee's: About 20 RMB per week for garaging at apartment basement and most areas of the city have parking bays, some free, expect to pay 1RMB per parking session outside.

Public Transport: Buses 1/2 RMB per journey. Bus card I put around 50 RMB per month normally last more than a month. This covers two of us. Taxi start fare 7 RMB  average 10 RMB per journey for us and I suppose over the course of a month it cost around 100/150 RMB depending on how lazy we feel.

Food: Raw Food - 1000-1500 RMB including household bits - Soap, cleaning Fabric Conditioner etc all branded items and bottled water.

Clothes: A shirt for 50 RMB or less if you haggle - Trousers for 100 RMB - Fair to good Quality

Visa cost: Around 100 RMB

I must point out that this is a guide only and relates to Nanning, just like anywhere else in the world prices and costs can vary greatly.
Here in China, depending in which city you choose to settle in, the same applies.
I recently (later part of 2011) enquired about rentals in Hangzhou, I was told at least 3000 RMB per month near the city centre and that was for a 80 sq mt apartment.
Apparently most apartments are this size as anything bigger would be too expensive.