Teach English in China

Teach English in China for a Career
Ever wanted to visit a foreign country to take advantage of high-demand employment options, all the while enjoying the respect of the locals for being a foreign expert on something they are desperate to have? Welcome to the wide world of ESL, or teaching English as a Second Language.

You Can Live And Work In China

One of the hottest markets in the world right now is China, and there are jobs galore for those willing to teach English in China. Standards have increased over the past few years, but it is still great experience for those with the minimum qualifications.

The best teaching jobs in China are at state-sponsored high schools and universities, where English teachers with a diploma can earn a thousand dollars a month or better. Newbies can expect to earn roughly the equivalent of minimum wage in the United States, except the salary they receive will be premium by Chinese standards. That is the hidden benefit: Most of the money from teaching English in China can be saved, because the price of most commodities is so cheap.

In previous decades, Chinese schools were so hard pressed for ESL teachers that they would pull tourists to the side and ask them to teach English in China, if only for a few weeks.

An impromptu cottage industry has blossomed into a major business, and teaching English in China can be lucrative to someone with experience and a good reputation.

Again, the best jobs go to the qualified. In addition to a four year degree, applicants are often expected to have a TESOL certificate, which is a six-month long program designed to instruct amateurs on how to lead a classroom. It is a minimal education in the world of education, but it passes with many foreign institutions. Most positions in china now expect TESOL.

TEFL is a similar term that simply means Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It is distinct in that it implies traveling to another country to teach. Whatever the name, TEFL is a challenging and rewarding career that can be applied to bigger and better things in ones professional teaching future.

Teach English in China - Teaching English in China - Teaching in China
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About teaching in China - Some typical questions you might want to ask your prospective employer.
1.What qualifications are required to teach in China? Are mine adequate?
2.What are the teaching conditions like in China?
3.What will I earn?
4.Do the Chinese schools provide employment all year round?
5.What is the demand for foreign English teachers in China?
6.What is a rough estimate of the monthly living costs in the Chinese city I intend to teach in?
7.If I have never worked overseas before, how easy will it be for me to live in China?
8.Are there any activities for the foreign English teachers during the summer and winter break vacations?
9.Will I require a medical when I arrive in China?
10.What will I need to bring with me to China?
About visa
1.How will I apply for a my Chinese work visa?
2.Is there a difference between the China tourist visa and the China work visa?
About school
1.What are the living conditions and apartments like that are provided by the school?
2.Are teaching assistants used in Chinese schools?




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