Life in Nanning - Chinese women labourers

It has been said, hard manual labour is good for the soul…
The mind and body would benefit also.
I would most certainly agree with that.
By a landslide, the most likable people I have met, throughout my life, have in one way or another, been involved in some way in manual things.
The practical side of life.
The academics and the like, well, there can be no denying, they are essential.
Least said…

Of late and not for the first time in my life, a few months back my days were filled with a little light landscaping activity and at times, more akin to civil engineering.

But not without a little help…Thank You.
Chinese women labourers are some of the hardest working people I have had the pleasure to meet here in Nanning China.
Friendly, happy and a joy to engage.
And for the record, I have to admit, at times, way ahead of me in both stamina and strength.
My excuse, I am 57 years old, way past my sell by date in the physical sense and they, for the most part, in their prime. Although I have seen some in there 60's doing unimaginable hard manual labour tasks, from the western viewpoint.
There can be no denying, they are amazing. A National treasure.