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Doing Business in China

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To start off, I have added some very useful Video links for those seeking information or reassurance on Doing business in China.

Breaking the Barriers videos, a series of 7 interesting and factual business in China videos. A great insight into a selection of UK companies strategies for overcoming some of the common barriers, trials and tribulations, challenges and the understanding of the sometimes awkward cultural differences found when trading with China, produced by UK Trade & Investment, they focus mainly on doing business in China from a UK perspective.

Breaking the Barriers 
(1) Modern China

(2) IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) in China

(3) Getting Paid in China 

(4) Domestic Competition in China 

(5) Rules and Regulations in China 

(6) People in China - Partners, Colleagues, Employees

(7) The Future for business in China  

Doing Business in China

(1) UKTI Doing business in China- A pot of Gold?

(2) UKTI Doing business in China - Dealing with Government

(3) UKTI: Doing business in China - HR: Finding the right people

(4) UKTI: Doing business in China - Markets & Brands

(5) UKTI: Doing business in China - Operating in China

(6) UKTI: Doing business in China - Long term vision & conclusion

Where To Begin - A step by step process guide from China-Britain Business Council

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