English teachers in Nanning - Enlightenment - Changing Paradigms

It was my view some years back that, the English language teaching standard offered by westerners in Nanning was inadequate and sadly lacking - Good news, late 2010, my view is changing...
The overall standard of the English language teaching westerner in Nanning Guangxi China has, most definitely, improved these past four years, not necessarily because the original ones have changed in any way but most certainly because the newer entrants into this field have considerably more technical ability and educational nous...O.K.

I recently met up with several newcomers into China with the sole purpose of teaching English as a second language to the ever enthusiastic Chinese kids.
Sadly though, not teaching in Nanning but in other cities.
I was encouraged to find that not only were they very well qualified (all possessing teaching degrees), they also had that enthusiasm that is so important for teaching.

Perhaps we are now seeing a shift away from the previous 'Pretend Western English Teachers, teaching English in China for all the wrong reasons', to a younger, enthusiastic, dedicated, better qualified and overall, more competent influx.
China will, undoubtedly benefit from this.
I agree with Sir Ken Robinson when he said, "People do their best, when they do the thing they love, when they are in their element".

Sir Ken Robinson the creativity expert - How do we make change happen in education and how do we make it last?


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