White Horse Village in China turns into a modern city over a four year period

The BBC has charted the radical redevelopment of a sleepy village in west China, part of the country's economic revolution and progress.
In the first part of this Peabody Award-winning series, Carrie Gracie looks at the way White Horse Village has been affected by China's rapid pace of modernisation. The series has been developed over a four year period up to present day.
Showing the everyday lives of the White Horse Villagers and the issues faced by the local Communist Party Secretary.

Part 1: China's rapid pace of modernisation
Part 2: The final Chinese New Year in the old village
Part 3: Opposition to Communist Party plans for the land
Part 4: The huge upheavals taking place in White Horse Village
Part 5: Changing lives and high prices in a modern city
Part 6: Learning the ways of the modern world


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