Nanning China Green or Grey City?

Is it the weather or is it the pollution or is it just me without those wretched rose tinted glasses on?
One things for sure, it ain't what it used to be.
This is a question now being asked by many here in what once was a GREEN city.
Still a shade of green at ground level, if you scrape the dust and grime off first -  but far from green in the skies above.
The dust appears to be everywhere. Is it the extensive ongoing construction work or just dirty air blowing in from elsewhere or just another, newer Grey City in China.

No matter how often you clean within hours another layer of dust appears.
Keep your doors and windows shut they tell you - That might suit a Chinese rabbit but not me, I like to have air flow through a living area - Perhaps China for me is wearing a bit thin...One wonders what the summer has in store - Can you imagine it Hot, sultry, dirty and air less.

This picture taken around 9am 3rd April 2011 and that is not a heat haze...
No doubt, this winter has dragged on, perhaps 4/5 months or more - Dull, dreary, often cold and most certainly, dirtier and dustier than ever before.

Not just me saying this, talk to the native Nanningers, see what they are saying online, never have they known Nanning to be so dirty, dusty and grey skyed for so long.
Is Nanning now a true Chinese city? - with all that comes with it.

Maybe it's time for me to call it a day and move on to greener pastures...


Ailiu said...

It looks more like a fog in a picture. There are so many electic bycicles and still - smog in a city?

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