Yangtze River Cruise

Yangtze river cruise
Want something exciting to do for a getaway, try a Yangtze River cruise? The Yangtze River is the largest river in China. The scenery, which one can see while cruising down this river is nothing short of spectacular. Situated at the foothills of the Witch Mountains, this river is facinating. Recently completed in 2009, the Three Gorges Dam is an awesome site. This is the 'world’s largest hydroelectric power plant.' This plant alone has the ability to produce more power than 15 nuclear power plants.

The Chinese know this river as Chang Jiang. It has been used as a major import export for decades. There are several cruise ships, which one can spend time enjoying the setting. An exciting Yangtze River cruise can give one a relaxing experience. There are cruises to fit every budget, including the stars in luxury and the length of time.

Whether you want a stately suite with all the amenities, or a small space, this is a cruise ship to accommodate your needs. There are several ships including the China Dragon, New Century Cruises, President Fleet and Victoria Cruise. These cruise ships are fully air conditioned and navigated by tour guides who know the entire area and have a love for the history of the river. These ships have satellite TV, so that one can still enjoy their favorite shows. Some of the cruise ships are operated by American companies and have all the amenities of the fabulous US cruises.

Enjoy a cabin with a private balcony and an observation window. You can experience style and luxury in some of the 'European style bathrooms'. Feel like a king of queen, when you take your vacation in style with one of the several cruise ships. The mighty Yangtze River has been long known for being a fabulous vacation site, the next time you need a getaway, book a Yangtze River cruise and experience history.


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