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Tibet tour
My husband had surprised me with one of the Tibet tours for our anniversary. It was a five day, four night tour of the area. There were other Tibet tours available for shorter amounts of time, but he wanted to be able to see everything the area had to offer.

We arrived at the Nepal Airport. We got a travel package which had all of our meals and hotel all included. I couldn't wait for the journey to being. The first day we took a flight over the Himalayan Ranges to Tibet. I was shaking with excitement as we saw the Kyichu River. The locals call Tibet 'Lhasa', which simply means 'Place of the Gods', because this is the home of the famous Dalai Lama. I also remember the Potala Palace well, as it was amazing. Perched up on a large hill, this palace was built for king Songtsen Gompa. There is also a garden which is called Treasure Island and it is the largest garden in the world.

The rest of the days was more site seeing. The most impressive thing we saw while visiting Tibet, was the Himalayan Ranges and the home of the Dalai Lama. Learning about their culture and seeing the locals and how they interact with tourists was amazing. I do not recommend this a trip for children. There is not a whole lot to keep them busy, thank goodness we left ours at home. It is mostly site seeing and visiting historical sites, which can become rather boring for a child.

The hardest thing about the trip was dealing with the extreme temperature fluctuations. This area has a colder nature and a great deal of UV rays, so sunscreen is needed, despite the temperatures. The air is also thin, so those with breathing problems need to ensure to they have their supplies. Taking one of the Tibet tours, is something most only get to experience once in a lifetime, but I would love to do it again.


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